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Our range of premium leather-goods and associated products has been designed and manufactured with love. All our products are made to last for many years if properly looked after. Looking to buy a laptop bag? Then head to the professional section. You’ll also find a couple of options in the backpack section. Our miscellaneous section has anything from key fobs and phone pouches to safari chairs! We have an extensive range of men’s and women’s wallets and purses in all shapes and sizes. All our items are handmade using locally sourced materials whenever possible. We avoid using plastics and choose to use artisan made brass fittings on our in-house range. Our zip fasteners are metal YKK. We try to encourage a more bespoke approach with when requested!

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  • Backpacks

    Backpacks (5)

      Backpacks Our backpacks are for the adventurer with 'professional' leanings. Designed to accommodate a laptop or tablet in relative safety thanks to a dedicated padded laptop pouch. We usually locate it closest to the body of the wearer. All our bags can withstand a fair amount of general abuse. Day-to-day usage requires a standard of durability that we are…
  • Festival Bags

    Festival Bags (4)

      Festival Bags Looking for a cool and stylish way to protect your valuables whilst travelling or at a festival? We have something to suit every taste and requirement. These days, festivals have become increasingly popular with all ages, particularly during the summer months. Unfortunately, they are also ideal locations for pickpockets. Our bags emphasize providing personal security for the…
  • Handbags & Totebags

    Handbags & Totebags (6)

      Handbags & Totebags It is interesting to note that prior to the 17th century the handbag was primarily a male accessory for carrying all his essential items. This was of course, before pockets became a significant feature of men's clothing. Traditional women's clothing didn't readily accommodate pockets. This has led the handbag to become a central feature of women's…
  • Messenger Bags

    Messenger Bags (6)

      Messenger Bags We developed a range of sling bags were definitely designed for use on the motorbike or bicycle. They offer a great alternative to a backpack for a more casual style. The idea is that the bag can be worn on the shoulder of choice, thanks to our signature brass D ring located on each of the bottom…
  • Miscellaneous

    Miscellaneous (7)

      Miscellaneous As our product range evolves we are constantly developing new ideas. We often get requests from clients. This category includes items such as our Deluxe Safari Chair which we have developed along side a local joinery company. We also get requests for items like our Detachable Bottle Holder. We have a range of belts that has given rise…
  • Professional Bags

    Professional Bags (3)

      Professional & Laptop Bags The satchel can be traced back to Roman times used by legionaries to carry their essentials. Our executive bags are contemporary updates of this historic utilitarian bag. Ours are designed to protect your laptop or tablet computer with plenty of space for books etc. They have taken their design inspiration from military and equestrian designs.…
  • Travelbags & Holdalls

    Travelbags & Holdalls (3)

      Travelbags & Holdalls We have developed a range of sturdy and functional holdalls. They are based on the classic gym bag but styled in our 'signature' way. These bags are extremely functional and classic in shape. In most cases, we like to use a continuous single seam. This means that there are no stress points meaning they are are…
  • Wallets & Purses

    Wallets & Purses (7)

      Wallets & Purses We have come to the realization that the category of wallets & purses is our most significant. This is why we have been investing a significand amount of time in expanding this category. For smaller items such as wallets, we have a range to suit your individual requirements. We provide solutions for the business traveler too.…