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Baobab is a manufacturer of high quality leather goods, located in Nairobi Kenya. Its main objective is to provide the global marketplace with a brand of high quality bags and related items whose focus is on simplicity, durability and style.

  • Our main aim is to provide a product of consistently high quality which we also believe is affordable.
  • Our project is all about collaboration. We work with other micro businesses whenever possible and believe that Kenya collectively can produce world class products, simultaneously helping provide communities with sustainable livelihoods.
  • Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney are two noteworthy examples of foreign designer-manufacturers who have forged partnerships with grass roots projects in Kenya. Their ethical fashion initiatives have been able to provide sustainable livelihoods to marginalised communities.

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Leonardo da Vinci

  • We believe simplicity is a key component of good design as long as functionality isn’t compromised. Each design aims to use a minimum number of main elements without sacrificing functionality.
  • In some cases, a single element is used to create the basic shape. Fewer elements require fewer seams. Most of our bags only have a single main seam which provides our bags with natural strength and durability.
  • Many of our bags have taken inspiration from the military. Anything fit for combat should be able to withstand some good old ‘wear and tear’! 

International shipping costs and import duties will vary widely depending on the destination. Prices for shipments from Africa are consisderably higher than from other global locations and we are working to establish a shipping hub in either Europe or North America. 

Our products are made to last. We use YKK zips and the lining fabrics are subject to the availability of the limited print-run traditional African prints at the time of purchase. Our brass-ware is hand made by local artisans and some buckles and fittings have been developed exclusively for our bags. Our bags are a collaboration of various artisans.

Our leathers are from cattle that have roamed the hills and plains of Kenya and are usually produced in limited run batches. We are currently unable to guarantee the exact finish and colour but will aim to produce the bag in the colour of your preference. (We work with local supply chains and try and use smaller-scale vendors wherever possible).