Small Slingbag

Small “teardrop” shaped slingbag with adjustable strap

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For the motorcyclist, cyclist or hiker. Many people wear a backpack over a single shoulder. This bag has therefore been specifically designed to be worn over one shoulder. It has two “D” rings located at each of the bottom corners and a spring clip, allowing the wearer to choose which side they prefer. The adjuster is solid brass, as are all the fittings which means the bag will give many years of reliable service. The shape of the bag means that it naturally hangs in the middle of the wearer’s back, so when on the bike, it doesn’t flap around. Large enough to carry a water bottle, paperback, and tools etc. a zipped pocket is designed to fit a large smartphone and a larger front pocket for your wallet etc. On the rear, a pocket for an average sized tablet computer too. All zip openings are slashed so that rain won’t get in. The original prototype for this bag has been subjected to torrential rain and has proven to be waterproof. Zips are YKK (metal) throughout.


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