Deluxe Safari Chair

Safari Chair in cypress wood featuring locally sourced full grain veg-tan leather seat and back.

$ 150.00


Baobab and a local joinery shop in Nanyuki have collaborated to create our deluxe safari chair. In order to earn the title of ‘deluxe’ we’ve ditched the canvas seat and back. Our chairs come with 100% locally sourced vegetable tanned full grain leather seats & backs. (Locally known as ‘Kips’ leather). Perfect for the verandah (or stowed) in the back of the Land Cruiser/Rover for the ‘top-tier’ adventure. Vegetable tanned leather is the ideal material as it simply tans with natural use, becoming a rich deep brick colour over its ‘inevitably long lifetime’. We believe these chairs will last ‘generations’ even with heavy use!


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